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Dear friend,

The Company “Ashtarak Kat” has prepared a surprise for you.  This is our tasty, attractive and extremely useful Kovik brand.

Your and your children’s health has been in the focus of attention of “Ashtarak-kat” for 15 years.  And this time the research, made by Armenian doctors among 1000 schoolchildren, became the subject of our anxiousness, which explored the threatening problem of extra weight existence in our children.  And this is a fact that this extra weight gradually becomes the greatest enemy of our heart.

This is the reason why we created a new type of dairy, which protecting the useful ingredients of  the whole milk procured from alpine meadows of 6000 family farmers, at the same time has a unique peculiarity: this is the low fat, which is, by all means, the credit for healthy life and, in the future, it will help your children to stay away from the undesirable problems of heart, weight and cholesterol.

From this time on, our Kovik will be always present in your refrigerator.