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What is yoghurt?

Yoghurt is known starting from old Babylon. The eastern people – Tatars, Uzbeks, Turkmen, called it “katik” or “gatik”.  The Sicilians called it “mecorad” and the Egyptians – “leben”:  Numerous legends have been created connected with yoghurts.  According to one of them God explored to Abraham the secret of yoghurt and its amazing qualities, and thanks to this, Abraham lived for 175 years.

The real yoghurt is a product containing live milk cultures, the base of the preparation of which is milk and starter culture for yoghurt.  Till the end of the shelf life period live yoghurt contains more than 10 million live yoghurt cultures, which have positive impact on your organism, neutralizing the influence of negative microbes.  Yoghurts are perfect for the battle against disbacteriosis.
Ashtarak kat yoghurts are made without preservatives, contain vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, D, microelements Ca, K, Na.

The milk, which is used for the preparation of yoghurts is gathered from cows which are fed in alpine meadows located on 2000 meters high from sea level.  The starter culture for yoghurt is acquired from the Russian Federation Dairy Industry Pan-Russian Research Institute.

And the fruit and berry pieces  (peach, banana, cherry, blackberry, strawberry, etc.) give yoghurts excellent taste. Yoghurts produced in this way are tasty, ecologically pure and, of course, useful.