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December 2016
Does Your Toddler Drink Enough Milk?
Does Your Toddler Drink Enough Milk?
15:15 - 04.04.2011

Children 2-8 years old should consume two servings of Milk and Alternatives every day.
Make sure your child is getting the daily recommended servings.
Milk is one of the most important foods for children. It is their main source of calcium and vitamin D, two elements, among others, that are necessary for the development of bones and teeth. Milk is also an important source of protein and energy, and several other essential nutrients.
Offering your child milk-based desserts, soups and other dishes, and add up the amount of milk and milk products he or she consumes daily or weekly.
The amount of milk needed for a child to receive the necessary amount of vitamin D is at least 500 mL (2 cups) per day. It is important to note that some commercial yogurts are also made with vitamin D enriched milk.

Tips to encourage your child to drink more milk
• Offer small servings of milk at one time.
• Juice is out of place at lunch or supper. Make it a house rule that "We have milk with our meals."
• Set a good example by drinking milk yourself.
• Break out of the routine by offering chocolate milk or adding vanilla, ground cinnamon or cocoa powder to milk.
• Encourage your child to get himself or herself a glass of milk.
• Serve milk in a fun coloured glass or with an original straw.
• Serve milk at a cold temperature.

Source: dairygoodness.ca