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December 2016
Ashtarak-Kat company and Armenian Red Cross Society sign memo
Ashtarak-Kat company and Armenian Red Cross Society sign memo
12:52 - 19.11.2012

YEREVAN.- The Armenian Red Cross Society and Ashtarak-Kat company signed a memorandum of understanding, which aims to continue the joint humanitarian activities by implementation of various projects, raising the awareness of teenagers in response to the challenges the society is faced with.
The first phase of the project “Healthy Generation” was successfully completed which was jointly realized by the two companies from May 2011. Received responses from the participant school pupils, teaching staff and parents are the evidence of that.   
A total of 1,600 pupils from the regions of Armenia and Yerevan took part in the project. They got familiar with the concept of a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and nutrition, environmental protection problems.
The project gives an opportunity to disseminate the idea of a healthy lifestyle and promote implementation of Healthy Generation concept through a number of courses organized for teenagers.
Ashtarak-Kat Director Stepan Aslanyan noted that the company, in its programs of corporate social responsibility, attaches major importance to the initiatives dedicated to idea of a healthy lifestyle and will be consistent with the development and implementation of the idea through various projects.

Source: news.am